Thursday, December 5, 2013

Harper {8 Days Old} and Family

Oh Harper - SO stinkin' cute and squishy.  She was so fun to photograph and hanging out with her parents was equally fun.  It's babies like Harper that make me want to specialize in newborns someday as it's just so fun (not easy, but very fun) and who doesn't want to hang out with newborns and their parents all day?  This family is so very sweet too and being with them brought me back to the days of having my first newborn - so unsure, so exhausted, but so in love with it all.  Harper took her sweet time coming into the world though, so after an incredibly exhausting week, her parents were thrilled to finally have her in their arms and get back home.  Congratulations to you guys - she is perfect.

P.S. I have a few more pics I would have loved to share but they wanted them to be a surprise on their holiday cards, so I will have to post those a little later on my Facebook page ;)  They are pretty cute!

 photo IMG_5997BW_zps45b2fbe2.jpg  photo IMG_6013_zpsf1f5afc6.jpg  photo IMG_6020_zps47bd8402.jpg  photo IMG_6026_zps431054e2.jpg  photo IMG_6028_zps0c2dbf47.jpg  photo IMG_6043_zpsfbfff90d.jpg  photo IMG_6048_zps5eb3dbc3.jpg  photo IMG_6050_zpscc1b505d.jpg  photo IMG_6064BW_zps2aea5b14.jpg  photo IMG_6076_zpseb7bb18a.jpg  photo IMG_6082BW_zpsc0b37b14.jpg  photo IMG_6086_zps4e0c006e.jpg  photo IMG_6107BW_zps41e18634.jpg  photo IMG_6110_zps9c25d58a.jpg  photo IMG_6176BW_zpsedeeddc2.jpg  photo IMG_6216_zpsc1efe9c0.jpg  photo IMG_6233BW_zps7508ad6c.jpg  photo IMG_6241_zpsa3d8f7ab.jpg  photo IMG_6251BW_zps98b9feb0.jpg  photo IMG_6266_zpsde7b40a3.jpg  photo IMG_6269_zps29d4c7fe.jpg  photo IMG_6275BW_zps9b4eb961.jpg  photo IMG_6301_zpsc71bfb3b.jpg  photo IMG_6307_zps813f308c.jpg

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