Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays From Our Boys!

I had way too much fun with this shoot of our 3 boys.  They are at such fun ages right now, although not easy to photograph, but as long as I have them doing something fun, they don't mind that I have my camera out.  I had them decorate a Christmas tree, giving them no direction other than put the ornaments and beads on the three.  It's was pretty adorable watching them place so many on the same branch.  And boy were they excited! The older boys played with some "snow" and  Cael ate rocks at that time, haha.  Then I gave them candy canes and Bode (2 1/2 year old) just danced around being silly.  Happy Holidays to everyone - it's a magical time of year ;)

 photo IMG_3033_zpscbeb4688.jpg  photo IMG_3042_zpsccbac4d0.jpg  photo IMG_3048_zps5632c2f1.jpg  photo IMG_3056_zps7826a22c.jpg  photo IMG_3075_zpsd90cc392.jpg

 photo IMG_3083_zps1cb2a265.jpg  photo IMG_3090BW_zpsd71ba8fc.jpg

 photo IMG_3101_zps518bd86e.jpg  photo IMG_3108BW_zpsa9c64c09.jpg  photo IMG_3119_zps765b4178.jpg  photo IMG_3127_zps62d07951.jpg  photo IMG_3132BW_zpsd25adf1a.jpg

 photo IMG_3135_zpsa013744a.jpg  photo IMG_3161_zps5060e553.jpg  photo IMG_3163_zps04e69721.jpg  photo IMG_3167_zps78a50223.jpg  photo IMG_3170_zps999810d2.jpg  photo IMG_3171BW_zps9eaf7c56.jpg  photo IMG_3187_zpsd5b8232a.jpg  photo IMG_3193_zps3a836a97.jpg

 photo IMG_3210_zps0a189df8.jpg  photo IMG_3219_zpsb2db42f4.jpg  photo IMG_3223_zpsfe40b8e3.jpg  photo IMG_3231_zpsa9d1e4c1.jpg  photo IMG_3237_zps6c9f6832.jpg  photo IMG_3240_zpsa86e30e4.jpg  photo IMG_3247_zps31ec0de2.jpg  photo IMG_3249_zps00b344e5.jpg  photo IMG_3255_zps9a50edaf.jpg  photo IMG_3260_zps497e883d.jpg  photo IMG_3270_zpsa650631c.jpg  photo IMG_3283_zps668d3490.jpg  photo IMG_3287_zps8b9ac42a.jpg  photo IMG_3291_zps18a349ca.jpg  photo IMG_3294BW_zps10b6a276.jpg  photo IMG_3297BW_zpsb13030d0.jpg  photo IMG_3301_zps5b858958.jpg  photo IMG_3309_zps8974c0b8.jpg  photo IMG_3315_zps5a26497e.jpg  photo IMG_3317_zps95b0d2e4.jpg  photo IMG_3322_zpse53a1e4a.jpg  photo IMG_3325_zps058f4c70.jpg  photo IMG_3338_zps5fc01847.jpg  photo IMG_3341_zps900ae7d0.jpg  photo IMG_3344_zpsc6b8bde5.jpg  photo IMG_3348_zps9395ad15.jpg  photo IMG_3353_zpsfdc76e71.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zpsa6c9bd13.jpg

 photo IMG_3383_zpsec18a248.jpg

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