Sunday, August 23, 2015

{P} Family - 50th Wedding Anniversary!

50 years of marriage - what an accomplishment!  I traveled to their beautiful lake home to capture their family on this very important occasion.  We were not blessed with a nice day as it was very very windy so we started inside and used a couple of spots outside that were sheltered.  It was very important for them to get some photos in their 1960 Buick because that car has followed them through their lives together.  From their wedding day, to bringing home both of their baby boys, and to those two boys marrying the loves of their lives and driving away together in it.  That car is truly a symbol of love for this family. It was so great meeting you all and helping you capture this important milestone in your lives.  Cheers to many more years together!!!

 photo IMG_1474_zpso29zpno2.jpg  photo IMG_1505_zpsnboion9l.jpg  photo IMG_1535_zps5ciypb1j.jpg  photo IMG_1569_zpseup2c2ap.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zpsaitqng5a.jpg  photo IMG_1612_zpsahkfzkwm.jpg  photo IMG_1635_zpsfcde4rpq.jpg  photo IMG_1647_zps7oip54il.jpg  photo IMG_1648_zpsoqgvjxmw.jpg  photo IMG_1663_zpsii5rcylw.jpg  photo IMG_1687_zpsgwg1r29k.jpg

 photo IMG_1919_zps5e44hg9b.jpg

 photo IMG_1731_zpspzcr9xf5.jpg  photo IMG_1760_zps1wiqa4oe.jpg  photo IMG_1771_zpsbh2b3gp3.jpg  photo IMG_1784_zpscstsc0uv.jpg  photo IMG_1843_zps9tygngms.jpg  photo IMG_1856_zps2xv6dquy.jpg

 photo IMG_1866_zpstiqj4w0a.jpg
I had to include this one above ;)
  photo IMG_1868_zps1zzxbvak.jpg  photo IMG_1881_zpsz8v5alh3.jpg  photo IMG_1883BW_zpspxkyuntv.jpg  photo IMG_1888_zpsh3fzmvul.jpg  photo IMG_1900_zpsvxvtq0qp.jpg  photo IMG_1908_zpsnmsh720e.jpg

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