Friday, August 14, 2015

Madelyn {8}, Cambelle {5}, Deacon {1} and Family

This family is just so adorable in every way.  My husband and the father go way back into childhood and I am sure they played but also caused trouble together.  These children are beautiful but also have awesome personalities. Deacon impressed me the most as usually I need to chase 1-year-olds around in order to get photos, but not this guy - he sat so nicely and gave the best smiles!  Thanks for letting me capture your family for you!  It was so fun :)

 photo IMG_0454_zpsiqoucsrb.jpg  photo IMG_0467 FB_zps0ffvq0vh.jpg  photo IMG_0488_zpswqjnka7x.jpg  photo IMG_0496_zpsyncvdhme.jpg  photo IMG_0501_zpsg5dldr28.jpg  photo IMG_0543_zpsubaunba9.jpg  photo IMG_0570 FB_zpsc2ydojea.jpg  photo IMG_0585_zpsaqo9cmxo.jpg  photo IMG_0588_zpsgrtkdre7.jpg  photo IMG_0612_zpsgr9iornn.jpg  photo IMG_0620_zpsiz1gltke.jpg  photo IMG_0637_zpsmrlzqiap.jpg  photo IMG_0652_zpsr0vzr23h.jpg  photo IMG_0740_zpskxx276gy.jpg  photo IMG_0757_zpsdeuizrys.jpg  photo IMG_0760_zpsmqza4fsn.jpg

 photo IMG_0769 FB_zps1oaiibf0.jpg  photo IMG_0783_zpshyk8xkbc.jpg  photo IMG_0796_zpsl61bfstd.jpg  photo IMG_0801_zpsesps0vaj.jpg  photo IMG_0816_zpsxotdq4ca.jpg  photo IMG_0820_zps1nfjuqoa.jpg  photo IMG_0824_zpsh2nwi1mv.jpg  photo IMG_0840_zpsot7gai1b.jpg  photo IMG_0862_zpsbqjk4omw.jpg  photo IMG_0866_zpsfmslirnp.jpg  photo IMG_0877_zpsh7qehj4s.jpg  photo IMG_0895_zps9cixofjv.jpg  photo IMG_0905_zpshr6p1tks.jpg  photo IMG_0931_zpsodqzdojv.jpg  photo IMG_0943BW_zps18koktzc.jpg

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