Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gretchyn (Greta) {15 days old}, Mady {5}, and Jocelyn {2}

This gorgeous baby girl just couldn't wait to enter the world so she decided to come 5 weeks early.  She spent one week in the NICU and one week after that I got to meet and snuggle her!  She is a tiny 5 pounds and so so loved by her big sisters. She was the sleepiest baby I have ever worked with and I didn't even see her with open eyes the whole session - she actually didn't even take a snack break!  I have photographed this family many times and I will truly miss them when we move to North Dakota this summer.  I am hoping they will move to Fargo too, which is actually a possibility as they are from ND/SD!  Congratulations again to you guys on your 3rd perfect little girl!

 photo IMG_8649_zpscf670b8b.jpg  photo IMG_8665_zps374553e6.jpg  photo IMG_8692_zps467cf2dd.jpg  photo IMG_8707_zps958d06d2.jpg  photo IMG_8734_zpsc090f06f.jpg  photo IMG_8757_zps0044eca1.jpg  photo IMG_8776_zpsa1a9dc40.jpg  photo IMG_8783_zps8a56a55d.jpg  photo IMG_8787_zpsb0a33bfa.jpg  photo IMG_8795BW_zpsb2808bae.jpg  photo IMG_8802_zps81fbec42.jpg
 photo IMG_8809_zps827f87c8.jpg  photo IMG_8843_zps29897bf7.jpg  photo IMG_8846BW_zps9b0d62eb.jpg  photo IMG_8851_zps0e308a06.jpg  photo IMG_8872_zpsbadef6f8.jpg  photo IMG_8885BW_zps2c5f44ec.jpg  photo IMG_8887_zps7ad84521.jpg  photo IMG_8919_zps5b77aa31.jpg  photo IMG_8928_zpsa783a1e2.jpg  photo IMG_8937_zps26c23c7c.jpg  photo IMG_8939BW_zpsb092847c.jpg  photo IMG_8951_zps9104de4c.jpg  photo IMG_8959BW_zps724b3cb9.jpg  photo IMG_8973_zps7748f852.jpg  photo IMG_9007BW_zps15f8d23f.jpg  photo IMG_9054_zps254a248b.jpg  photo IMG_9066_zps124479ec.jpg  photo IMG_9072BW_zps004036c8.jpg  photo IMG_9124_zps0891acd2.jpg  photo IMG_9177BW_zps026eb21d.jpg  photo IMG_9155_zps7a7851ae.jpg

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