Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Norah {7 Days Old}, Cameron {2} and Family

Oh it sure felt good to photograph a newborn again and I am so happy it was this family I got to spend time with.  Little 9 pound Norah is so so cute and very loved by her older brother, Cameron.  He just turned two and did a really good job taking pictures with his sister considering his age!  I have watched Cameron grow since he was a newborn, which I always love doing.  At first I didn't see much resemblance between the siblings, but now I totally do.  It was so great seeing you all again and congratulations on your perfect little girl!!

 photo IMG_7616_zpsd06248ca.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zps85846b26.jpg  photo IMG_7633BW_zps7d63e9f1.jpg  photo IMG_7647_zpsa4df47c6.jpg  photo IMG_7659_zps4693a9e9.jpg  photo IMG_7662_zps4e59f0d1.jpg  photo IMG_7665_zps9ffa39a9.jpg  photo IMG_7679_zps2f6b2da6.jpg  photo IMG_7700_zpsb69ec0b5.jpg  photo IMG_7716_zps9c9464d5.jpg
 photo IMG_7739_zpsc984ef00.jpg
 photo IMG_7763BW_zps719f895c.jpg  photo IMG_7786_zps94b2d966.jpg  photo IMG_7792_zps3b39283c.jpg  photo IMG_7797BW_zps41c1ea24.jpg  photo IMG_7807_zps7703cae4.jpg  photo IMG_7876_zps50bb28f0.jpg  photo IMG_7890BW_zpsadf06265.jpg  photo IMG_7927_zps23b2a4ac.jpg  photo IMG_7941_zpsc67bbbda.jpg  photo IMG_7965BW_zps46af730f.jpg
 photo IMG_7470_zps42fec8b2.jpg  photo IMG_7479BW_zps912372b4.jpg  photo IMG_7498_zps75c7e564.jpg  photo IMG_7524_zpsf39f60a9.jpg  photo IMG_7547_zps177c9e9e.jpg  photo IMG_7567_zps02a3f30c.jpg  photo IMG_7585_zps5b725c44.jpg  photo IMG_7605BW_zps050b2da4.jpg

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