Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Little Bode Turned TWO!!

Our middle son turned TWO last week!  As you will see below, he is full of personality and my goal was to capture it on camera so I would remember who he is at this age.  We went to Gallup Park on a surprisingly beautiful Sunday evening.  My biggest fear about the shoot was that all of the pictures would be of him running from me or refusing to look my way and not being able to document his silly smiles and many different facial expressions.  I came prepared, leaving his big brother at home with Daddy and brought a tricycle and penguin push toy (and fruit snacks and a sucker...all about the bribes and distractions!).  He did amazing.

Bode has been such a joy to get to know and watch grow into a little boy.  Although his "terrible twos" hit early, we appreciate his budding personality and need for independence.  He is incredibly compassionate, surprising us after his baby brother, Cael was born.  He kisses, hugs, and talks to Cael all.day.long and makes it very obvious how much he adores his baby brother.  I adore Bode's random hugs and adorable funny faces; his developing language and how he has developed his own language in the process; his love for dancing, his duck and blankie, and "nanas and milk"; and his need to always try to run the show - they say being strong-willed will come in handy when he gets older, so I keep reminding myself of that!  From the moment Bode entered our family 2 years ago, we could not help but be totally and completely in love with him.  We are so lucky to be his parents.

 photo IMG_0008-1_zpsb349f7ea.jpg  photo IMG_0003-1_zps4de9c526.jpg  photo IMG_9937_zpsfda47bc3.jpg  photo IMG_9902_zps8acb05ea.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zps46526b83.jpg  photo IMG_9873_zpsc71d48cb.jpg

 photo IMG_0028BW-1_zpsfeb68c0f.jpg

 photo IMG_0177_zpsfcc70a90.jpg  photo IMG_0151BW_zps0d858248.jpg  photo IMG_0142_zpse8923b44.jpg  photo IMG_0127_zpsa04b9915.jpg  photo IMG_0068BW_zps2c9212f0.jpg  photo IMG_0062_zpsf914e7d9.jpg  photo IMG_0054-1_zps835f2b79.jpg  photo IMG_0038BW_zps2a6c3e4e.jpg

 photo IMG_0271_zps91e9ef8c.jpg  photo IMG_0251-1_zps51c42255.jpg  photo IMG_0234_zpsd0075bed.jpg  photo IMG_0223BW_zpse1537875.jpg  photo IMG_0217_zps48d8c778.jpg  photo IMG_0209_zps1f8c9903.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zps29f5a7d9.jpg
Oh, and I did a hand full of indoor pictures too - just simple ones as he didn't last long!
 photo IMG_1340_zps50831ff6.jpg  photo IMG_1328_zpsbcc4cc0b.jpg  photo IMG_1309_zps540122d1.jpg

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