Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kendall {9 Months}

This beautiful little girl is growing up so fast.  Kendall is already 9 months old!  We met for a quick MINI session and she was all smiles.  She is also a fast little crawler now, which was fun to see.  Looking forward to your one year session in 3 quick months, Kendall!
   photo IMG_9597-1_zpsa9ed3f76.jpg photo IMG_9668_zps3309bbe6.jpg  photo IMG_9688-1_zpsea6c7193.jpg  photo IMG_9697-1_zpsb08d0220.jpg  photo IMG_9706_zps6adba0bf.jpg  photo IMG_9722_zpsad95b69f.jpg  photo IMG_9760BW_zps1bb91c3c.jpg  photo IMG_9787BW_zps7facfed0.jpg  photo IMG_9799-1_zps8a66e33e.jpg

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