Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finley {18 Months} and Family

I just adore this family and I know so many other people do too.  I have done several photos shoots for them and it is always just so fun.  Finley is adorable and now a very active toddler, but I always love the challenge and love this age. You will see they have an amazing announcement that I got to help them share!  So excited for you 3!!!

 photo IMG_6619_zpsyutrlwky.jpg  photo IMG_6629_zpsaoe0i7xj.jpg  photo IMG_6654FB_zpsgaipwsds.jpg  photo IMG_6659FB_zpscpih1vi8.jpg  photo IMG_6682_zpsf36cncea.jpg  photo IMG_6711FB_zpsiah3clsq.jpg  photo IMG_6727_zpszw7mhz3x.jpg  photo IMG_6738-2_zpsswvxvw28.jpg  photo IMG_6768_zpsvz6bxfsz.jpg  photo IMG_6773_zpsavmgtuz9.jpg  photo IMG_6796FB_zpsr3ajyik5.jpg  photo IMG_6817FB_zpslvl8tg4a.jpg  photo IMG_6880FB_zpsmgnxjk6h.jpg  photo IMG_6909FB_zpsxrsf2moa.jpg  photo IMG_6921FB_zpscbqbrztg.jpg  photo IMG_6927FB_zpsjwbgprss.jpg  photo IMG_6954_zpson6zvjdd.jpg  photo IMG_7002_zpsyeecrzda.jpg  photo IMG_7030_zpsp53sil94.jpg  photo IMG_7033_zpspckpz9xj.jpg  photo IMG_7043_zpsvstwoqic.jpg  photo IMG_7046_zpsskrgtpvz.jpg

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