Thursday, February 11, 2016

Truman {1}, Vivienne {3}, and Family

I love how photography brings old friends back to me. The mom of this family and I were in the same sorority and had lots of great times together. We live a few blocks from each other but have only managed to see each other out and about a few times since college due to our busy lives.  Thank goodness for Facebook as I have kind of been able to watch her family grow into the adorableness shown below.  Finally getting to meet her children was so fun.

Truman recently turned one (on Christmas actually!) so we got together primarily to celebrate him. The past year has been wonderful with Truman but also a bit stressful as he was born with club foot.  A special request was to incorporate his beautiful feet and this journey into the photo shoot as he has had casts on his legs for 2 months, then surgery and a final set of casts. Between 3-7 months he wore braces for 23 hours a day and that time slowly dwindled to only nighttime wearing, which he will continue until he is about 4 years old. All is looking so good and I am sure he will be running around in no time!

Vivienne was full of energy and adorable spunk. Sure, it was tough to get sibling and family shots, but oh when I did get that smile and eye contact, it was magic.

Truman did a cute cake smash themed like the book, "Where the Wild Things Are," and he did great. He didn't destroy the cake, but he definitely enjoyed it.  Vivienne even joined him for some and she exclaimed, "This is the best day ever!"

And we ended with some shots outside and I am SO glad we did. It was chilly and quick but I just love what we got.

Happy Belated Birthday, Little Truman!

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