Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jack {8 Days Old}

Oh baby are just perfect.  Jack's daddy and my husband have been friends a very very long time (maybe 25+ years and remain great friends to this day).  When they announced they were expecting their first baby we could not have been more excited for them.  We also hoped that our chaotic household of 4 crazy kids didn't scare them, wondering what they were getting themselves into!  Although nervous about the incredible journey they have just begun, it is obvious that they adore their little Jack Jack.  So happy for you guys and so excited to watch the little dude grow up!

 photo IMG_9448_zpstmjwnzd8.jpg  photo IMG_9474_zpsaajtpbwl.jpg  photo IMG_9480_zpsjwk5inbx.jpg  photo IMG_9491FB_zpsf5bokpug.jpg  photo IMG_9506FB_zpseicx0tto.jpg  photo IMG_9529FB_zpstj4txkvr.jpg  photo IMG_9534_zpsm8hcwryd.jpg  photo IMG_9537_zps0h77dutd.jpg  photo IMG_9553_zpshho657ge.jpg  photo IMG_9570FB_zpsnzg9g6tp.jpg  photo IMG_9577FB_zpsfwra3evz.jpg  photo IMG_9589FB_zpsjyrg9ij3.jpg  photo IMG_9603_zpsbtlogxdg.jpg  photo IMG_9613FB_zpsv9xf2udj.jpg  photo IMG_9619_zps7bvmifaw.jpg

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