Monday, June 1, 2015

Hailey {5}, James {7} and Family

This family is very special to me as it's my brother's family.  They are awesome and we are so thankful to be living in the same city as them again.  Hailey just turned 5 so we got together to do some birthday photos as well as some family ones on a beautiful night.  Aren't they just adorable?!  Love you all so much!!!

 photo IMG_7395_zpsjplsboxk.jpg  photo IMG_7398_zpsflisp3vl.jpg  photo IMG_7405_zps73rlqscl.jpg  photo IMG_7422_zpskq2ov5rb.jpg  photo IMG_7449_zpsczevvy5b.jpg  photo IMG_7462BW_zpsjl0pkzxs.jpg  photo IMG_7464_zpseu25do2p.jpg  photo IMG_7473_zpssvbubxzz.jpg  photo IMG_7486_zps64l0kdra.jpg  photo IMG_7499_zpsgpb6uoec.jpg  photo IMG_7516_zpsax4pqyqw.jpg  photo IMG_7523_zpskxhsuhgl.jpg  photo IMG_7538_zpspw9rkp9t.jpg  photo IMG_7544_zpsec2voyb7.jpg  photo IMG_7550_zpsoi4dyuqk.jpg  photo IMG_7558_zpsf90vxoki.jpg  photo IMG_7578_zpstxemkdn6.jpg  photo IMG_7602_zpsvxj4px0i.jpg  photo IMG_7623_zpspjztwfhl.jpg  photo IMG_7657BW_zpsy06aca1r.jpg  photo IMG_7680_zps27meegdc.jpg  photo IMG_7694_zpszuxr9rff.jpg  photo IMG_7698_zpssydtv8gj.jpg  photo IMG_7725_zpswp9kouoi.jpg  photo IMG_7761_zpsetw3c7hw.jpg  photo IMG_7792_zpstd2dlewv.jpg  photo IMG_7827_zpsnz7tq7or.jpg  photo IMG_7831_zpszenhifmi.jpg  photo IMG_7841_zpsnlborjkv.jpg  photo IMG_7870_zps0wyp21fk.jpg  photo IMG_7901_zpsgfq90aqq.jpg  photo IMG_7905_zpsnwsblafd.jpg  photo IMG_7917_zpsscrunfjt.jpg  photo IMG_7925BW_zpswcmsku2b.jpg  photo IMG_7937_zpszjv3vesx.jpg  photo IMG_7971_zps1upvqnaj.jpg  photo IMG_7987_zpsn8fbumka.jpg  photo IMG_7991BW_zpsaenfmwrm.jpg  photo IMG_8013BW_zps64ffbghc.jpg

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